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The Top Digital Podcast – Episode 6 – Nick Platt, Founder and CEO of LO:LA

What is the role of the brand in a splintered society? Can brands find success in markets when consumers are split up into so many factions they can’t seem to agree on anything? We dig into these questions and more with branding expert and TDA agency founder, Nick Platt of the London and Los Angeles-based agency, LO:LA.

With the mid-term elections now in our rearview mirror, it’s time to take a long hard look at the fractured state of society in America and the world as a whole. So we’re talking with an agency leader with his feet planted in two countries that have seen tumultuous changes to their societies.

While the USA faces one of its most divided eras, and the UK sees Brexit and a veritable revolving door of Prime Ministers, we talk with Nick Platt, the founder of LO:LA, the branding agency based in London and Los Angeles. We discuss how marketers can be successful at bringing people together despite their differences and rallying people around brands they love.

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