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We are Thrilled to announce our inclusion in the Martech Outlook list of top 10 Brand Mangement firms for 2024.

Below is the article written about us.

Exploring the Essence of Brand

A striking anecdote from John F. Kennedy’s 1962 NASA visit highlights the profound impact of a brand story resonating throughout an organization, as a janitor’s reply of “I’m helping put a man on the moon” encapsulated the essence of collective purpose.

In recent times, the intricate realm of branding has taken a backseat due to its perceived complexity and its delayed return on investment in contrast to immediate marketing outcomes. While some enterprises excel in defining the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of their operations, the truly savvy ones delve into the critical ‘why’ behind their existence when shaping their brand.

At the forefront of this ethos stands LO:LA, a contemporary and inventive marketing agency acknowledging branding as the ultimate competitive edge in today’s cutthroat landscape. Whether orchestrating comprehensive campaigns or focusing on specific projects, LO:LA champions a pioneering Return on Ideas (ROI) approach that brings forth what resonates most with consumers.

Nicholas Platt, CEO of LO:LA, underscores their approach: “For all our clients, we reexamine the core ‘why’ of their brand, providing a radical interpretation that directly communicates their value proposition to consumers.”

Amidst business expansions, brand definitions often become muddled, especially when leadership transitions occur, leading to disparities in how different stakeholders perceive the brand. LO:LA adeptly navigates such scenarios, facilitating seamless market expansions by aligning brand messaging with the fundamental mission.

Additionally, it aids businesses during investor acquisitions by effectively articulating their value to potential suitors. Amidst these demands, the primary focus remains on unifying the team under a singular message that unveils the essence of the brand.

While numerous businesses are preoccupied with short-term promotional tactics and antiquated, fragmented messaging strategies, LO:LA emphasizes creating a coherent narrative and messaging continuum that propels a brand into its ‘next chapter moment.’ Their adaptability caters not only to established enterprises seeking to refine their brand vision but also to startups yearning for impactful, fresh messaging to fuel their growth trajectory.

LO:LA’s current endeavors include spearheading the rebranding of a regional billion-dollar credit union slated for January 2024 and providing end-to-end guidance to a startup for the launch of their at-home blood testing application.

Central to these successes lies their ‘Brand In A Box’ solution, comprising four phases: research and immersion, brand story and strategy, visual expression, and brand rollout. LO:LA conducts extensive research, including stakeholder interviews, data analysis, and competitor evaluations, comprehensively grasping the nuances, aspirations, and demographics that can drive a brand’s growth.

Built on Carl Jung’s theory of 12 archetypes, ‘Brand In A Box’ leverages customized consumer archetypes to foster a shared understanding of diverse messaging possibilities. This linguistic framework lays the groundwork for a brand essence workshop, employing exercises and assessments to gauge feedback and refine the brand’s narrative.

Beyond envisioning the brand, LO:LA delves into the emotional underpinnings of consumer behavior through a Golden Circle exercise, coupled with ‘soul-searching’ discussions with clients to unveil unspoken concerns, facilitating more effective brand communication.

Based on the core brand idea, ‘Brand In A Box’ crafts personas and motivations, defining visual elements like appearance, voice, tone, and overall identity. This culminates in a seamless rollout ensuring digital assets are market-ready while aligning the internal team momentum to achieve objectives and manage customer expectations.

An exemplary success story involves San Francisco’s Hotel Nikko. Despite misconceptions about the city, LO:LA strategically repositioned the hotel as a vibrant hospitality destination, leveraging a brand narrative centered on energy and diversity.

Looking ahead to January 2024, LO:LA plans product launches in London and Los Angeles, facilitating British companies’ expansion into the American market and reciprocally establishing a robust presence for U.S. brands in the U.K. This initiative capitalizes on Platt’s 15 years of U.S. experience combined with partner Adrian Watman’s expertise and the U.K. team. Ultimately, LO:LA aims for ‘Brand In A Box’ to become the go-to solution for businesses aiming to communicate their ‘unfair brand advantage’ across borders.

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