The Elastic Brand

By: Nick Platt, Founder/CEO
Brands used to be in control, dictating what consumers should think, what they should buy and what they should watch. This is no longer the case. The control is now in the hands of consumers and staying relevant has become the most difficult job for a brand. So, what’s the answer? Why are some brands more successful than others at becoming (and staying) relevant? Maybe it is because those brands are ‘elastic’, their ability to stretch over many different product lines, resulting in more relevance and value for the customer, while still staying true to the core of who and what that brand is. To be clear, it's not just the newcomer brands that have managed to be relevant over disparate products and stealing the limelight. Some storied brands have with effortless grace, managed to remain relevant and engaged with consumers by offering meaningful product extensions. Apple is a great example [...]VIEW article

What’s in Your Creative Pantry?

By: Nick Platt, Founder/CEO
With everyone talking about doom and gloom, how the world will never be the same again, and what will be the new norm… who is going to come up with the next big thing? I think it’s time to pause and reflect. I don’t think we need a "big thing" at all; rather, we need lots of simple and small things. It’s about creativity, connecting the dots in a different way. The questions at the moment in my mind is this: How can a brand remain front of mind with a customer? How can this unprecedented time be used to strengthen existing customer connections and create new and relevant ones? What services or products can a brand provide that are relevant to this time? What communication of hope and the future is being conveyed to customer? This isn’t about out-spending or out-shouting the competition; it's about making a customer’s current [...]VIEW article

Our Pledge to Help

By: Nick Platt, Founder/CEO
As an independently owned advertising agency, we know how much being without each other affects our lives and livelihood. And as creatives, we are tasked with looking at every situation through a different lens and finding new ways to connect us all. In these unprecedented times, LO:LA has taken a pledge to help. If you are a business or brand in need of a pivot to your current offering or services, to create new moments that inspire customers, or to take another look at how your brand or business is connecting with the world...we are here to help! LO:LA would like to offer your business a free marketing and media audit- fresh eyes and ideas on how your brand can best make a shift- whether it's creating new messaging or simply using what you may already have differently. Contact us to discuss how we can be of service. We truly are [...]VIEW article

Do what you love

By: Robert Bridwell, Creative Director

It is always satisfying when you get to do what you love. One of the greatest pleasure’s we know as a group of like-minded souls is when we are out on location, pulling a story together. Earlier this year we had the challenge and pleasure to bring to life the stories behind Total Wine & More’s Winery Direct program. Who wouldn’t turn down the chance to spend 10 days in Napa interviewing and filming what are effectively the rock stars of Californian wine making. But I guess that is the rub, how do you do justice to a request like that with limited time and limited resources? Intelligent collaboration is the way we do things and bringing together the right team for this job was, for us, theory in practice. Five days, 10 vineyards, and what felt like an infinite number of products to capture, to do justice to this request […]

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