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The Value of an Outside Creative Lens

“Jeff Bezos created Amazon with the mantra and philosophy ‘It’s easier to invent the future than to predict it.’ That one line says it all. Creativity in the modern era makes or breaks companies. Small business owner’s ability to diversify ideas, products, and marketing techniques determines their success rate and bottom line. Source: Why Creativity in Business Matters by Reyherb

When it comes to brand marketing, creative is often seen more like an ambition versus a priority. But in reality, creativity should always be the heart of a brand, the pulse that keeps it moving forward and the key to always staying relevant. Successful brands are those that make a conscience and on-going effort to try to tap into new ways of thinking. Simply put, companies who are creative are more successful.

Unfortunately, brands often get locked into having “tunnel vision”, they recycle or repurpose the same ideas or concepts and thus become stagnant. This is where the benefit of a creative agency comes into play, providing an outside lens and unbiased expertise to help kickstart a brand’s creative process. To offer the brand a fresh and different perspective. A creative agency allows you to look at all of the options available, figure out the best solutions, and ultimately empower your brand to better engage customers.

There are a number of benefits in partnering with a creative agency:

  • The ability to examine all sides of an idea or problem from an unbiased lens, allowing for a better solution to present itself

  • Newer, fresher, more interesting ideas

  • Gathering insights from multiple perspectives greater collaboration

  • Assist with defining and understanding what is going right (and wrong) with your brand

  • Diverse knowledge & experience with how other brands may have faced and overcome similar challenges

As a business owner or marketing executive, creativity may not be your forte (and that’s okay!). But it absolutely should be spearheading the direction of your brand and growth strategy. A creative agency not only gives your brand that needed expertise and perspective, but it frees up your time so you can focus on what you do best and can also be the more cost-effective approach. To learn more, have LO:LA provide you with a (free) brand audit and we’ll show you exactly how!

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