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The Power of The Pivot

Updated: Feb 29

“Any company looking to either launch or reimagine their brand will have an excellent partner in LO:LA. Throughout the project, the team was extremely flexible and collaborative, demonstrating their dedication to success. I’m most impressed with their ability to pivot. I’ve worked with multiple creatives and sometimes it’s hard to get through to them that their idea isn’t the best. With LO:LA, they genuinely listened, and there was no ego.”  -Ben Kennedy, Founder BKKB Ventures

With 25+ years agency experience, one of the things I have always loved about the creative business is its fluidity between experimentation and unpredictability. It’s this dynamic that absolutely requires an agency to be nimble versus wedded to only one set thought. And it demands an understanding that through collaboration and an open mind, the creative approach can change, grow and evolve, as it should.

When it comes to branding and marketing, this flexibility and belief in getting to the RIGHT idea should be the primary objective of everyone involved. And though the process of change, doing or thinking something that is ‘outside the status quo’, may be something that doesn’t come naturally, but once mastered is truly liberating and can be a game-changer!

I like to call this the Power of the Pivot. And frankly, it is something more brands should embrace and should look to (and trust) their agencies to deliver upon.

To clarify, pivoting should not be misconstrued as being indecisive or weak. Nor does it compromises coming up with ideas and creative that doesn’t resonate. To pivot is the fine art of empathy and really listening to where your customer (or client) is coming from. Most importantly, it is being able to understand their true intent and then coming up with the best way to convey it.

Personally speaking, this ability to pivot has really benefited our agency, especially during a pandemic that has affected every industry and business (including ours). Being able to shift, to push ourselves in different and sometimes uncomfortable directions, has helped us to produce brand articulations and campaigns that have been impactful and effective. And though the pivot process can be uncomfortable and challenging, nothing makes us prouder than seeing our work help drive awareness and trial and create a deeper engagement between our client’s brand and their customers.

As we now embark on the ‘new normal in business and in life, now is really the time to think about the state of your brand. Is your brand is facing an impasse? Does your current marketing really make sense for today? The state of your brand may require a shift, some new thinking. LO:LA is here to collaborate and demonstrate the power of the pivot!

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