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LO:LA Wins GRRRL Account

Ad shop LO:LA , with offices (as you might guess) in Los Angeles and London, has been retained by athleisure brand GRRRL, for “ongoing creative services.” So not quite AOR status, but more than project work.

The agency is tasked with building GRRRL’s brand awareness via creative advertising, social media and experiential campaigns beginning in the fourth quarter through first-quarter 2019.

“For LO:LA our mantra is that everything be ‘Made with Love,’ ” stated Nick Platt, founder and CEO. “That couldn’t be truer for the powerfully inclusive, uplifting culture and brand that GRRRL has inspired across the globe.”

The brand has developed a loyal following that strongly believes in its culture of female empowerment. It has come a long way in a short time, founded in 2015 by Kortney Olson. Earlier this month, Forbes called it a “billion-dollar brand in-waiting.”

Olson is a force of nature. In addition to her entrepreneurial skills, she is a body builder and arm wrestling champion who hass overcome a lot in her relatively young life (she’s 36).

Forbes has some of the details if you’re interested. Entertainment impresario Stan Lee has called Olson “the woman with the world’s deadliest thighs” for her ability to crush watermelons between them, which she has demonstrated in videos on YouTube.

Olson had this to say about the appointment of her brand’s new agency:

“It’s never been more important to reach and inspire women to celebrate, nurture and be proud of our bodies and what we can do with them. We needed a creative partner that understands that and isn’t afraid to push limits like we do, to break down walls. LO:LA is that partner.”

Sounds like you got a live one your hands, LO:LA. It will be interesting to see how you take this brand to the next level.

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