Total Wine & More wanted to share the story behind one of its newest wines, Mina Mesa Cabernet Sauvignon. We were tasked with the launch of the label by taking the wild west of wine, Paso Robles, and putting a whole new spin on the typical vineyard film.

Total Wine & More was in the midst of a brand refresh that encourages guests to explore their vast selection. We wanted to demystify the people and the stories behind the wines and connect them to their new brand story. Our content detailed how our “Wine Wanderer” (that’s what they call their buyers), meets with Troy Javadi, the person who grows the grapes that make Mina Mesa. In doing so, we create a compelling, relatable narrative that puts Total Wine & More in the center and subverts the expectation of the stereotypical “rolling fields with dripping grapes” vineyard film.

The resulting content showed what was great about Paso Robles, showcasing how our grower, Troy Javadi, made his grapes shine to create a cabernet sauvignon that’s an everyday pleasure. The creation of this digital video content positioned Total Wine & More as the go-to place for not only finding amazing wine, beer, & spirits, but also learning about the richness of the stories behind each of them.