We were tasked with rethinking Total Wine & More’s typical Halloween campaign, rousing communities across the United States to make our stores their go-to for all of their Halloween party needs.

There is something inherently endearing about Halloween and horror in general. In our creative department, we especially love the art from old horror movie VHS tapes, wherein there is typically an over-the-top terrified face of an unsuspecting victim. We wanted to pay tribute to the VHS tapes while also telling the horror stories that might ensue when you don’t enlist Total Wine & More for all of your Halloween party needs.

Total Wine & More was decked out with our fake VHS tape advertisements online and in-stores across the country, featuring horror stories such as “One Beer Forever!?” and “The Empty Keg”. By focusing on the fear of missing out on our value, service, and selection, we galvanized wine enthusiasts and party goers alike to stop in and get everything they need for their Halloween get-togethers.