We were charged with building brand awareness for Total Wine & More, driving traffic to over +500 stores by focusing on selection, value, & service.

Total Wine & More stores are vast, almost warehouse-like and slightly intimidating as a result. We had to turn the corner and help people to discover that Total Wine & More is really a place full of so much waiting to be discovered, from the vast selection of wine, beer, & spirits, to the knowledgeable experts that help you navigate it every step of the way.

Our integrated campaign utilized the idea of “awe struck” to show how awesome Total Wine & More’s selection truly is. Using a “Mind-Blown” emoji, we put up billboards across country. Other billboards showed off lines like “You never forget your first time.”, “Been There, Brought it Home.”, and “Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget?”. We also created a series of video vignettes for their website, social media, and emails which redefined service, value, and selection, ultimately making customers feel more at ease about paying full price.