With the goal of providing over 3 million meals to adults and children in need, we co-branded a campaign for Feeding America with Souplantation.

We needed to add urgency to the problem of hunger. To do that, we focused on localization: messaging to our audiences that this problem isn’t in some far off land. It’s right next door. What we came up with is “The Better Neighbor Project”, an awareness campaign that let people know how many adults and children were going hungry right in their backyard. We messaged that each $1 donation provides ten meals for adults and children in need, beckoning customers to open their wallets and help people in their area.

“The Better Neighbor Project” showed up in stores nationwide to shine a light on hunger. Our executions included danglers, table tents, emails, and more that helped people realize just how many of their neighbors are hungry, and more importantly, how easy it is to do something about it. Results exceeded expectations, and at the end of the day, we helped Souplantation not only reach their goal, but also encouraged people across the United States to be better neighbors to each other.