Our task was to bring to life the new brand evolution for Lazy Dog restaurants and generate excitement among the staff for the next step in the Lazy Dog journey.

In thinking about Lazy Dog’s brand identity, we had to start with their brand story. Lazy Dog didn’t begin in a board room or focus group, but around the Simms’ family ranch house in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We recognized their unique “Family to Table” approach and used it as the spark for our creative strategy.

In keeping with the brand’s spirit of adventure, we took to the road to capture the inspiring beauty of the landscape where Lazy Dog was born. This was the perfect place to build out our brand identity. The result: A beautiful, atmospherically driven brand video that’s roosted in a wilderness-loving aesthetic and profoundly authentic sense of place. To help fire up the Lazy Dog team, we also created the campfire-style events complete with outdoorsy branded swag at each of the restaurants where the new brand was presented.