Empowerment and Inclusion are a part of GRRRL’s DNA, so we were asked to communicate that in a big way for International Women’s Day.

When GRRRL asked us to create an activation for International Women’s Day, we knew it had to be big enough to draw enough attention to the problems women face every day. Research data told us that Domestic Violence, Racism, Sexual Assault, Body Bullying and Inequality are the bigger issues. But it wasn’t enough to just draw attention to the problem. We all obey the rules of society like street signs every day without even thinking about it. Using the ubiquitous STOP sign as a simple visual example, we sought to highlight these behaviors in society that need to stop.

Under the cover of darkness, using a nimble guerrilla crew, handheld cameras and five athletes, we took to the streets of Los Angeles to make our mark. The athletes transported huge stencils in their backpacks as they ran the streets to leave their message for LA. The athletes painted a call to STOP SEXISM, STOP VIOLENCE and other phrases with chalk paint. The next morning we put a film together. Teaser ads cut from b-roll footage were created to run as Instagram & Facebook GIFs to their audience of 135k followers.