We were asked to promote the premier of the movie Gold (2016) with Matthew McConaughey in a way that would create awareness and inspire our audience to see the movie.

To create awareness, we needed to start with the content of the movie itself. Gold’s plot is centered around the Washoe Mining Corporation, where Matthew McConaughey’s character is trying to locate a massive gold deposit in Indonesia. We wanted to immerse our audience in the movie experience, taking them on a hunt for gold that expanded all throughout New York City.

To promote our scavenger-hunt type event, we developed a website, created a social media presence, and posted in help-wanted sections where users could register to be “prospectors”. Once the app was downloaded, they would receive clues that sent them all over the city. Geofences at different locations made it so the next clue activated when they discovered each one. At the end, two winning prospectors struck gold!