Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse wanted to celebrate their 20th anniversary—and their California roots—with a campaign that looked to the future of what fine dining holds.

We came up with a creative solution we think will redefine what a fine dining experience can be: a fully immersive five-course meal that delights the five senses. We imagined a room that would transform around our Guests, showing them the beauty of the California coast and bringing them to the sights and sounds of each of the locations the key ingredients were from, while other sensory surprises engaged their senses along the way.

With a California inspired five-course menu in hand, we traversed the coast capturing content from each place the key ingredients were from. In that time, we developed a full narrative to show off what was great about each dish. At our main event, Guests were impressed to find a truly engaging sensory experience, as the room transformed around them, their senses were engaged by different elements we found along our journey. Overall, we created a campaign that celebrates what already makes Fleming’s great, with an eye on what the future of fine dining holds.