Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse tasked us with a creative solution to get Guests in the spirit of the season, so they would invite their family to Fleming’s for their holiday meal.

Your Fleming’s holiday moment is made up so many smaller moments, where their cooks and waitstaff work diligently to make everything just right. Each ingredient is precisely prepared, each dish is lovingly created, and each Guest is treated with warmth and care. We wanted to capture the journey of how Fleming’s lovingly creates your perfect holiday moment. It’s something unique to Flemings: 90 percent hard work and 10 percent pure magic.

Our holiday video followed the kitchen as they crafted each of the menus, from the popping of champagne, carefully washing the veggies, to the 1600° sear on a steak, all the way until it is taken out to be enjoyed by Guests cheersing to an incredible holiday. Our end card encouraged Guests to make their holiday a Fleming’s moment to remember, truly signifying how there’s no moment, like a Fleming’s moment.