FABLE – 5:30 IS THE NEW 4:20


FABLE is a canna-beverage looking to disrupt the market and introduce a new, curious customer to the cannabis sector. LO:LA was brought on to invent and help launch the FABLE brand, to create a look and feel that is both refined, distinctive and to convey FABLE as a new lifestyle. We did this by creating a logo, typography & imagery that reflects the beverage’s unique botanical blends. We then developed a tone of voice and copy that defines a whole new type of crafted beverage, one invites consumption and reflects the attitudes of their target audience- sophisticated, healthful, fun, tastemakers.
With FABLE, “5:30 is the new 4:20” and the brand is looking to make “Happy Hour a whole lot happier”.


– Brand Strategy
– Brand Naming
– Logo Creation


– Audience Definition
– Tone of Voice
– Visual Identity


– Label Design

“Any company looking to either launch or reimagine their brand will have an excellent partner in LO:LA. Throughout the project, the team was extremely flexible and collaborative, demonstrating their dedication to success. I’m most impressed with their ability to pivot. I’ve worked with multiple creatives and sometimes it’s hard to get through to them that their idea isn’t the best. With LO:LA, they genuinely listened, and there was no ego.”

– -Ben Kennedy, Founder BKKB Ventures

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