Cycle Gear was looking to revamp their brand identity to drive sales and increase brand awareness. To help them, we created a full-on 360° campaign.

Fans in this industry don’t need to be told what to buy, but instead they want to be able to trust who they buy from. What we came up with is the campaign “Just Round the Corner”, which conveys that we are local and connects with the audience by relating to the most difficult thing in motorbiking, rounding a corner. We invited famous bikers Kyle Wyman, Colin “Scummy” Morrison, and Jared Mees both for interviews, and to be the subjects of our 360° campaign. Then, took a look at paid, owned, and earned media, and came up with a plan to show how these could work together.

Our “Just Round the Corner” campaign was a hit that galvanized riders across the country. Our paid media included broadcast TV :60, :30, & :15 content, YouTube pre-rolls, paid Facebook & Instagram posts, “Just Round the Corner” OOH, and interview content. This lead to our owned media, our website, Facebook, and YouTube pages, where we saw an increase in our following. We were able to create a successful earned media campaign that included autograph events and over 1,000 posts on our “#justroundthecorner” hashtag.