brand in a box

Big brands already know the importance of branding. But it doesn’t have to take their large budgets or months and months to make a great brand. In today’s marketplace, it’s easy to overlook the brand to focus on performance marketing or advertising. This can be a major misstep. Your brand is how your customers understand and connect with your product, your service, your company. And as your business launches, grows or evolves, so should your brand.

We developed “Brand in a Box” to offer small to midsize businesses access to unleashing a memorable and trustworthy brand. From defining your brand’s “why” and persona, to developing the right logo, website and video that connects with your customers. It’s a customizable solution that is efficient and cost-effective.


  • Guidelines for content creation and communications
  • Customizable list of creative deliverables for your brand
  • A clear brand voice/identity that stands out and resonates
  • The ability to adjust to any changes in market or industry
  • Cohesive and consistent messaging
  • Effective Customer and employee engagement
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Speed to market

Brand in a Box is a solution that helps to illustrate a clear vision of your brand, articulate your persona, and showcase the value you offer customers. Want to learn how your brand can drive more business? Contact us for a complimentary brand audit.