We feel it’s good to share information and opinions, here are few things that we’ve been talking about.

It’s not the only thing we’ve been talking about, but following Rob and Dave attending The IAB New Fronts West event in Hollywood this week, Barbie has been the biggest talking point. Read More

Back to school seems to be the big topic that got us parents and kids talking this week, here are a couple of note-worthy articles to discuss. Read More

Perception is a funny thing, isn’t it? Your perception of something, is the way that YOU think about it, or the impression YOU have of it. And we don’t all see things the same way. These things got us talking this week. Read More

This week, a chance to prove your hunch was right all along with us seeing a lot of the blindingly obvious being proven out. Maybe it’s that Mercury in retrograde thing. Read More

Really interesting topics this week. As far as we’re concerned at LO:LA, it’s just wonderful to see such single mindedness and a proper clarity of purpose. Read More

Nike has debuted its new plus-size mannequin, meat giant Tyson is getting into the plant-based alternative meat space, and Amazon is now the world’s most valuable brand. Just a few things that got us tasing this week. Read More